Cosplay Blind Date

Cosplay Blind Date at Q-Con XXV


Elmwood Hall


Saturday, 15:30

Doors Open


Registration Time

Sunday, 00:00


Saturday, 23:59


Daniel Rustage

Age Restrictions

18+ Contestants

Welcome to Q-Con Blind date where all the fun begins and the characters from various universes come together!

Cosplay Blind Date at Q-Con XXV

Our friend Daniel Rustage is coming back this year to host this fun filled event so prepare yourself for lots of laughs and the most unheard of character crossovers.

Cosplay Blind Date at Q-Con XXV

Will Harley find her Joker or will she settle for one punch man instead, or maybe Yuri & Levi have an odd match waiting to happen? Let’s find out at this years Q-Con Blind Date.

WARNING - This event will be full of cheesy one liners and lots of laughter and audience will have a chance to ask their own questions to the contestants.

Entries for participants will be open until 20th of July, so hurry up and sign up if you want a chance to be one of our contestants!

Successful contestants will be contacted via e-mail after 20th of July and must be at Elmwood hall at 15.00 on the day of the event for set up and orientation speech. We cannot guarantee we will still have your place if you arrive late for this event.
The event itself will run on Saturday 31st August from 15.30 to 16.30

NOTE: Please note if any of your information has changed forms are editable until 20th of July
-Go to Google Form
  1. Cosplay Blind Date Participants must be 18 or over on the day of the event taking place.
  2. Participants must follow the instructions of the event staff at all times during the Cosplay Masquerade, including stage directions such as how and when to proceed onto the stage and where the boundaries of the stage are. Failure will result in disqualification and any further actions deemed necessary by the Q-Con Committee and/or Venue Security, up to and including ejection from the Convention.
  3. All costumes must be tasteful and appropriate for a general audience. As it is not a cosplay judging event store bought cosplays are permitted.
  4. This event is made for fun entertainment purpose ONLY and none of the entrant have obligations to continue to stay in touch or continue date with each other after the event is over. If they choose to do so they do so out of two parties mutual agreement.
  5. You must fill in an online sign up form in full and with correct information to be considered as an entree.

Any breaches of the above rules may result in disqualification from the cosplay events. Severe breaches may incur any further penalties deemed necessary by the Q-Con Committee and/or venue security, up to and including ejection from the Convention and removal from the building itself.

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