Anime Events

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A mix of panels, games, quizzes and special interest features to fulfil all your Anime needs :)

Venue: Anne Maguire Room (Second Floor, SU)

10:00Make a Manga
11:00Speed Drawing Competition
13:30Paper Fan DecoratingShiritori!
14:30Book Vs. Film (Debate)
15:00Anime Bingo
16:30Utau (Take Two)IVGO Panel (Plus special guest Rustage)
17:30Man of Action Panel (18+) 
18:30Utau (Take One)
20:00Flash Harry Potter Quiz

Speed Friending
For the newcomer or seasoned “con-artiste”, kick the con off by meeting new friends in our quick fire speed friending event.

Origami Workshop
Join us and hone your skills in the colourful art of origami! Is it a swan, a lotus.. who knows! Take part in this wonderful workshop, taught by the former Chairperson of the QUB Origami club.

Utau (Take One)
Join YouTube sensation Mrs. Peach in a panel about everybody’s favourite voice synthesizing software; Vocaloid and Utau. Participate in making a voice bank and interrogate a guest speaker! Then go on to see your results in Utau Take Two!

Flash Harry Potter Quiz
Do you think you're Pottertively well versed in all things Harry Potter? If so, come and participate in our Harry Potter flash quiz! For every entry, a person receives a raffle ticket to be entered into the draw to win one of TWO Harry Potter wands! The winning team will double their chances... Entry is only £1 and numbers are limited.

Are you secretly (or not so secretly) harbouring the epic skill of storyboarding… The “Make-A-Manga” drawing competition is back again for another year. With a nifty prize! All participants will be given the option to enter their storyboard into the MaM section of the art competition. Prizes will be announced on day. 

Paper Fan Decorating
Is it hot in here? Yes! Every year! Why not cool down in style by decorating your own traditional Oriental fan! Yours to parade around the con! Start with a blank template and finish with a work of art!

Anime Bingo
It’s all in the name!

Utau (TakeTwo)
See the results of the voice banking made by (potentially) you in Utau Take One.

Man of Action Panel
Love.. or love to hate fanfics? Either way this comedic event will really hit the spot! Fanfics will be read aloud in this hilarious voice actor driven panel, emphasising them in all their cringe worthy glory!

Speed Drawing Competition
For all you competitive types out there, this year we see the return of the speed drawing competition. Can YOU create a masterpiece in only two hours. All participants will be entered into the speed drawing competition to win an amazon voucher. Plus prizes for second and third place.

Anime Shiritori
Familiar with the game? Join your fellow anime lovers and participate in this traditional japanese word game.. With a not so traditional twist!

Book vs Movie
Passionate about books or films? Join Q-Con and the QUB Literific Society for the heated debate of The Book vs The Film. Weather it’s Game of Thrones or Harry Potter Have your say! Challenge the speakers and fight for your corner! 

IVGO Panel (with special guest Rustage)
Come and wind down with the one and only Irish Video Game Orchestra. A small panel of orchestra members will be in attendance to share their knowledge, along with everybody’s favourite IVGO conductor, Robert Martin, for a post concert Q&A.

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