Returning for the fourth year in a row to Q-Con XXIV is Valve’s free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Dota 2! One of the most popular games in the eSports industry, Dota 2 is the standalone sequel to Defense of the Ancients, a popular mod from Warcraft III. If you have never played Dota 2 you’re never too late to get in on the action by introducing yourself to one of the most competitive, complex and rewarding games around. A game of Dota 2 involves two teams; Radiant & Dire; with five players each challenging each other across the map with three sets of lanes and various other areas to battle in. Both teams are trying to destroy the enemies ancient (base) and who ever manages to achieve this first wins the game. This may seem like a simple task but with 113 heroes, each with their own unique interactions and abilities, each game requires a plan from the draft of heroes to the strategy, sometimes coming down to split second decision making, reflexes and knowledge about the game. Each game of Dota 2 varies in length some ending in 15 minutes and some marathon games lasting for 90 minutes with each game being unique in its own way.

Dota 2 is has become widely known due to the introduction of The International, the game’s premier professional tournament which is going onto its seventh consecutive year. Last year the tournament boasted a prize pool of over $20,000,000 ,with over $18,000,000 of that being crowdfunded by the community and expected to have an even larger prize pool this year at TI7 (The International 7). Come play or watch some of Ireland’s best Dota 2 teams in person at Q-Con this year! If you’re interested in participating and have never played before, get a head start and download Dota 2 today free from Steam, available on multiple platforms.

An Introduction to DOTA


Tournament Rules & Information
1) Tournament will commence from 10am Saturday 17th June to 5pm Sunday 18th
2) Coin tosses will decide first pick, a second coin toss will determine radiant/dire pick.  This will apply for both bo1/bo3 formats
3) Any excess text or vocal abuse will be punished
4) Pauses should only be used for technical issues and/or player issues.  Pauses must be called to a member of staff in the player room (where a staff member is available) before announcing.  Pauses made without good reason/judged as made for tactical advantage may be punishable by disqualification.
5) Disconnects must be followed by an immediate pause until the issue is resolved
6) Where matches are b03, a ten-minute break will be allocated between matches, reduced to 5 depending on time constraints.
7) Players are to be at their respective matches within 15 minutes of the previous match ending.  Failure to show on time will result in disqualification (unless a reasonable explanation is offered otherwise and taken as exception)


1st: £250 (£50 each)
2nd: £125 (£25 each)


Tournament registration is now open, click here to register.

If you have any questions about the tournament, please feel free to contact

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